Professional Video for Business and Public Sector

Professional video production is what we do, from filming events, promo’s and training videos all the way to 4k drama production. We’ve produced many projects for public and private sector clients. The equipment we use is capable of delivering excellent 1080p high definition or 4k ultra high definition content. We’ve been involved in video production for close to 20 years and can provide videos for all budgets. If you have a specific requirement then please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry here.


halloween-cupcakes-itsabakingthingVideo for Business

We have plenty of experience creating promos for companies and charities. We’ve provided video content for the Co-Op, several energy companies, It’s a Baking Thing retailers (viral videos), kitchen suppliers (product videos). We’ve also worked alongside marketing agencies to provide corporate communication, public information films and promotional content. So if your agency is looking for a video services partner we have extensive experience in this area.


BurnleyLadiesDayEvent coverage

If you have an event you would like to cover then this is another area that we can deliver. We can provide one, two or three man crews. We’ve shot lots of things before from conferences, shows and flashmob’s to sporting events.


FrankFoster1Training Films

Most recently we’ve provided training films for Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire’s Safer Travel Unit. Our first training video was produced way back in 2006.


Testimonial Content/Case Studies

This would involve a day at a location of your choosing, you would invite along people who had used your services and we would film them to include on your website. Or we could go and visit them on a convenient day. This is a lot better than just text quotes on a web page as it’s better to see and hear the person saying nice things about your company.


Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 11.25.36Educational Content

Our first experiences of working with schools and children date back to 1999. We’ve also provided educational content for clients such as Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire’s Safer Travel Unit, Lancashire Trading Standards and Lancashire County Council. This has ranged from filming events in schools to providing dramatic content to be used alongside teaching materials. In 2015 our work with Lancashire County Council contributed to a national award, the LGC Awards Children’s Services Category. It was presented at Grosvenor House, London.


The_Callers_video1Music Videos

We can provide two and three person crews for music videos and work with your band or label to come up with an idea. We love working with other creatives so please send your ideas our way.


Internal ContentCANSafe

Working with the police and also with organizations such as Fostering and Adoption services we’ve had to deal with delicate information in the past, so any internal content that you may require will be produced with the strictest privacy and confidentiality. Less seriously, we have produced bespoke Christmas videos for company Christmas parties, which isn’t as expensive as you might think! Your employee’s will love seeing themselves on the big screen getting into the Christmas spirit!


WhatsTheBigDeal Graded2Drama

We’ve created reconstructions for the police force and full on drama’s for educational purposes. Even if drama isn’t something you require, our experience in this field means that other types of project benefit, and the end product will be technically brilliant.